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SPACE 2081 Cache Stats Detail

Written by Space Cowboy

So far, 80 of 81 caches in this series have been released with 1 remaining.

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[2.5/2.5] Low Orbit (GC3MG49)

First to Find: njdc24 Total Finds: 53
Published: June 2, 2012 Total DNFs: 9
First Found: June 3, 2012 Ranking Bonus*: 0.2
Last Found: June 26, 2015 Location: Newtown, PA

Recent Logs:
RBOM did not find it on August 1, 2016
We confirmed with the CO the location of stage 2 after checking our numbers at stage 1...he confirmed we were in the right spot...even with some extra eyes and expert searching skills, we still couldnt come up it. We think it may have come loose from its spot and lost on the ground. We will keep an eye on this one and cant wait to make the find official!

RedKnight did not find it on September 8, 2015
The CO said I had the right coords but I couldn't come up with the find

texdoc56 found it on June 26, 2015
I teamed up with greenducks for a caching run in the Newtown area.
The weather was great and the caching was too. We got trads, multis, puzzles and even a virtual. All in all a good day.

We ended our day with this one and it almost ended us.
We checked, double checked, triple checked and quadruple checked our calculations.
OK that spot looks like it will work, let's go.
We park and hike to stage 2 and uh oh, this can't be right. Quintuple checked our work and couldn't figure where we went wrong.
GD finally used a TAF (we couldn't end the day on a DNF) and we were one number off so we headed to the correct GZ.
Again we circled when GD spied something. Yup that's it. I made the grab and signed us in. Whew that was close!
Gets a fave.

Thanks for the cache, SPACE2081

* Ranking Bonus: The bonus a finder gets for this cache based on difficulty and terrain in the weighted SPACE scoring; doubled + 0.1 for FTFs
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