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SPACE 2081 Cache Stats Detail

Written by Space Cowboy

So far, 80 of 81 caches in this series have been released with 1 remaining.

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[2.0/3.5] Captain's Log (GC3PEWZ)

First to Find: supremepredator Total Finds: 46
Published: July 5, 2012 Total DNFs: 0
First Found: July 5, 2012 Ranking Bonus*: 0.3
Last Found: January 9, 2016 Location: Langhorne, PA

Recent Logs:
ddrams found it on January 9, 2016
Found on an abbreviated version of the typical DDRAMS/NJSQ caching excursion. Our targets, today, were to nab some of the SPACE2081 caches prior to attending the SPACE2081: Series Party And Conclusion Event (, along with a couple of neato challenge caches. This is the first of our sorties that resulted in a brush up against John Law, Old Bill, the Boys in Blue, the Cops, Rollers, Po-Po, Five-O, the Fuzz.

I drove into parking in my new Ford Edge SUV with New Jersey plates, laughing and joking with NJSQ all the while. We entered onto an idyllic scene, with a woman throwing tennis balls to her dog in the open field with an atlatl. Some guy, sitting in his little blue hatchback, sat watching from a corner of the parking lot. We didn't think anything of it, and pressed on into the woods without a care in the world. An easy hike then started quickly ramping up in difficulty. The first obstacle was the stream which I fell into, soaking my left foot, pants, sock and boot. Then, approaching within 60 meters of the cache, we encountered the big-ass fence standing in our way. We managed to broach that without killing ourselves. NJSQ made quick work of finding the cache, then we turned about for the exfil. Just as I was balancing on the fence, hard in concentration making my escape and trying not to kill myself, I heard NJSQ begin a shouted conversation with someone ahead across the creek. I leap to the ground, and look up to find two uniformed officers, badges glinting in the sun, hands on their weapons, staring right at us. [Let me repeat the staging here: we were trapped between the fence at our backs and the creek ahead of us with two gendarmes staring us down.] The taller one asked me if I drove a Ford Edge.


I replied that, yes, the Edge was mine, fearing the worst and looking fruitlessly for an escape.

The cops, then relaxed and told us that there were reports of "homeless" in these woods and asked if we knew how to get back across the creek. Clearly, they were implying that we get our asses back across the creek.

So, we obliged them in a hasty manner. But, in doing so, we completely missed the return trail and ended up in a massive brush crush back to the parking lot, through briar and bramble, all the way cursing the busybody in his little blue hatchback, whom I shall henceforce refer to as "Mr. Wickles."

"He called the cops on us, Man!"

The tableaux before us, when we finally broke through the forest into the open field, was considerably different that it was when we first arrived. The lady and her dog were gone. Instead, there were three (count them, three!) police cruisers arrayed in a defensive position across the field, and a veritable phalanx of police standing around talking into their radios, watching us.

Mr. Wickles was still parked in his corner, watching, his beady black eyes set deep and shining with paranoia in his sallow face.

So, I waved at him and said "Hi!"

At this Mr. Wickles drove off in disgust.

I made a show for the cops of taking my time to change out my wet sock, unconcerned by their continuing surveillance.

But all's well that ends well. We found the cache and escape without incarceration.


NJSquirrel found it on January 9, 2016
ddrams and I decided to attend the SPACE2081 event and to celebrate we planned to pick up as many SPACE2081 caches as we could. We usually do full days of caching but family commitments curtailed our time to just an afternoon of fun. Still, we got some quality caches and had a great time.

When I read the logs about parking and trails, I thought this one wouldn't be so bad. Well, I was wrong. This cache definately earned its terrain rating. Lots of wet spots, a creek crossing, slippage in the creek by both of us, a fence climb and eventually a surprisingly quick find only to be greeted by several officers looking for something to do. ddrams' log pretty much sums up what we experienced. When the guy in the little hatchback saw us come out of the woods without handcuffs, he scoffed and rode off. It's a shame the world is full of busy-bodies...and plenty of extra cops to empower them. Thanks for the cache!

Skimbosh found it on January 2, 2016
Those coordinates I got from those Ferengis were surprisingly accurate. Of course, those space shucksters never mentioned the moisture quantities for this sector. Retrieved the code and left my insignia. Hope my shuttlecraft is still there when I get back.

* Ranking Bonus: The bonus a finder gets for this cache based on difficulty and terrain in the weighted SPACE scoring; doubled + 0.1 for FTFs
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