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SPACE 2081 Cache Stats Detail

Written by Space Cowboy

So far, 80 of 81 caches in this series have been released with 1 remaining.

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[4.5/4.0] Earthings, We Are Watching... (GC47TXM)

First to Find: DEGoldy, dryvitman17, supremepredator Total Finds: 36
Published: August 3, 2013 Total DNFs: 0
First Found: August 3, 2013 Ranking Bonus*: 0.6
Last Found: November 1, 2015 Location: Upper Black Eddy, PA

Recent Logs:
macdod found it on November 1, 2015
Well, we were looking for a nice weekend cache and this one caught my attention. Started working on it during the week to have it done for Sunday - the non hunting day on state game lands. Being new to the area, this one was difficult. Got it down to one more and just couldn't get it, so our Sunday changed to plan B. Then the hubby says, isn't this it? Yeah, back to plan A and we headed this way. We enjoyed a nice fall walk in the woods - there were shots fired off in the distance. We gave gz a good search and came up empty, so we expanded our radius and bingo, there it was! Such a relief to find this and fill another one of our missing grids. I guess we need to start working on the rest of this series! TNLNSL, Thanks for the cache!

Stamp My Art found it on August 26, 2015
#5634 @ 10:21:00 AM - A beautiful sunny 65° morning to meet up with good friends Dryvitman17 (and son Tman) and DEGoldy to collect a few more SPACE Caches. [:D] They were kind enough to make a return visit to locations they had already found to help me catch up... We had a great morning of Geo-conversation and laughs too! Now all I need is some water transportation and maybe I can catch up to my team! [:P]

4 of 5 - Wow, so glad to FINALLY find this one....and only TWO years later, LOL! [:P] Solved this when it came out....had fun with it, but it just never managed to be in the cards to make the find. Nice hike out and a pretty quick find at GZ. Great area, surprised there's not more caches here. [;)]

Thank you [B]SPACE2081[/B] for the cool puzzle and fun find!
[white]..[/white][purple]• ´¨¨))[/purple][blue]-:¦:-[/blue]
[white]....[/white][purple]¸.•´ .•´¨¨))
((¸¸.•´ ..•´[blue] -:¦:-[blue] [purple] [size=3] [B]~ [url=]Stamp My Art[/url] ~ [/b] [/size] [/purple] [blue]-:¦:-[/blue]
[blue]-:¦:- [blue][purple]((¸¸.•´*[/purple][i]It's about quality not quantity,
because the true adventure is in the doing![/i][white]

sant74 found it on August 9, 2015
;-} Thanks for the puzzle and cool hide in this great area !!!

* Ranking Bonus: The bonus a finder gets for this cache based on difficulty and terrain in the weighted SPACE scoring; doubled + 0.1 for FTFs
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