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SPACE 2081 Cache Stats Detail

Written by Space Cowboy

So far, 80 of 81 caches in this series have been released with 1 remaining.

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[2.0/5.0] Flatland/Spaceland (GC4MMG1)

First to Find: supremepredator Total Finds: 41
Published: November 7, 2013 Total DNFs: 1
First Found: November 7, 2013 Ranking Bonus*: 0.5
Last Found: January 9, 2016 Location: Pipersville, PA

Recent Logs:
Milek78 found it on January 9, 2016
Out with Divine Amorphis on the way to Space2081 event in Montgomeryville caching along the way and filling up the grids. Up to this day I only found 2 caches from the series. By the end of the day I added 10 of them to the stats ranging from 1/1 to 3.5/5.

This was the whole reason we came today. DA needed this cache to her challenge and it was clear we are not leaving the place without finding it. Stage one did not give us any problem, it was quick find. However the coords were barely visible and almost impossible to read. The N coords were just fine but the W ones...we could not make any numbers out of it. Confused and thinking we are beaten, we were ready to abandon the place when I noticed the final cache from the trail. Whoooo!!! This was a great turn-out. Carefully made our way to the cache. Climbing back to the trail without the rope was arduous work, but we managed. TFTC. This one will be remember.

Divine Amorphis found it on January 9, 2016
A year ago, while at a dive bar event, another cacher told me that within one year, I would not be able to complete my non traditional fizzy. The challenge was on, that night I started to search for caches. After running a few different PQ combinations, I noticed the SPACE2081 was coming up alot. A little far for a once cache run, but worth a day trip. With the year coming to an end, and only one cache left to fill on the grid, it was finally time to come up and get some of these caches.

.... And this was the cache. One year of craziness. Kayaking, climbing, even a multi state trip down south to fill in some grids. (and probably driving all my caching friends nuts with the specific caches I needed) It all came down to one last needed DT. Multiple searches showed that I would need a Kayak or climbing gear for all the caches, and since the weather was not getting any warmer, I opted out of anything involving water. Looking at the choices, I realized it was finally time to tackle the SPACE series. I recruited Milek78 initially when we were out caching, and then 3 other cachers to join me in my insane quest for grid fills. A day was picked, but mother nature had other plans, with severe rain in the forcast. But, everything happens for a reason, and when another cacher mentioned that there was going to be an event that same weekend, just the day before, I knew that Saturday became the day to go. So, at 815 AM Milek78 and I set off from NJ to grab caches and get this one.

The day started well,with just a bunch of rain that was not supposed to happen! Thankfully, by the time we were done picking off the others we had planned, the rain had stopped and we were good to go on this one. Parked at the cords, between a bunch of construction vehicles and headed out. First cache was only a few hundred feet away, but after 20 min of searching, it ended with a DNF. There was much more important things to do.

The walk over was nice, a little slippery because of the recent rain, but it was still manageable. Milosz found stage one before I even got to GZ, but once he flipped it over, we realized the major problem. While we were able to read one set of cords, the other was almost completely gone. I didnt come this far to DNF this cache. It had to be that cache and it had to be done that day. We tried a few different possible sets in the gps, but nothing seemed to work out. While he looked around, i thought about emailing the co and every other finder. I even briefly thought about going back after the event, in the dark. Thankfully, before I went on a emailing rampage he yelled, I see it! It was.... oh crap. So down we went. I held onto every possible thing i could. By that time my heart was racing and I couldnt even comprehend that it was finally done! I was more worried about surviving the trip back to the path.

We signed in, i took a pic of my rock star with the container, well the best i could on the angle i was at trying not to fall, and then left the tag in the cache. And back to the trail we went. It was so much harder getting up then anything. We slipped and slided and at one point I didnt think I was ever getting back up. Thankfully, using a buddy system, we both made it to flat ground. My legs felt like jello. But it was done.

Thanks for the cache, it was worth every bit of its 2/5! This is one I will never forget

TeamT&A found it on November 27, 2015
Fun multi. Glad we brought the heat w/ the rope to help get back up the slippery hill. TFTM.

* Ranking Bonus: The bonus a finder gets for this cache based on difficulty and terrain in the weighted SPACE scoring; doubled + 0.1 for FTFs
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