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SPACE 2081 Cache Stats Detail

Written by Space Cowboy

So far, 80 of 81 caches in this series have been released with 1 remaining.

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[5.0/4.5] Mothership Connection (GC532NN)

First to Find: 4wheelin_fool, Pen615, trowel32, turd herder Total Finds: 22
Published: August 15, 2014 Total DNFs: 10
First Found: August 17, 2014 Ranking Bonus*: 0.7
Last Found: August 22, 2015 Location: Haycock, PA

Recent Logs:
catbirdabsurd did not find it on May 27, 2016
Bushswhacked over here from Jabba's Palace... I didn't find the mothership, didn't even find Stage 1! Cords kept bringing me back to one certain spot and though I searched high and low and expanded my search area....empty handed. This one would be more fun with a caching buddy, my two dogs were no help although they were good sports bouldering, crawling over endless blow downs ...but they had no opinion on the stage 1 location. Besides panting and perhaps asking why on earth we didn't use the parking coordinates (turkey hunters. Turkey hunters is why. ) and can we please go find a lake to swim in instead of this futile space mission?
Perhaps I will return.....someday.

dhutchko did not find it on April 9, 2016
I tried to establish communication with the Mothership, but I was unlucky today. Triple checked the provided coordinates at Stage 1 and they repeatedly checked out.

WA1729 found it on August 22, 2015
Out caching today with Owenjmeo. We looked for Stage 1 early in the day but could not find it and left to look for other caches. Then, after helpful TAF's from dryvitman17 and Rebel Cruzer (thank you so much!) we came back and were able to experience this amazing cache! [:D] Without a doubt, this is the best cache we have found so far. Thank you SPACE2081!

* Ranking Bonus: The bonus a finder gets for this cache based on difficulty and terrain in the weighted SPACE scoring; doubled + 0.1 for FTFs
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