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SPACE 2081 Cache Stats Detail

Written by Space Cowboy

So far, 80 of 81 caches in this series have been released with 1 remaining.

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[5.0/2.5] Don't Panic! (GC53T16)

First to Find: DEGoldy, dryvitman17, chrisbrit, Stamp My Art Total Finds: 29
Published: September 17, 2014 Total DNFs: 0
First Found: September 19, 2014 Ranking Bonus*: 0.5
Last Found: September 8, 2015 Location: East Rockhill, PA

Recent Logs:
trowel32 found it on September 8, 2015
Wow - this puzzle drove me nuts! [:P]

I started to solve this way back when it first came out and got through the first two bits (as Arthur Dent would say) pretty quickly, but the last part brought my progress to a grinding halt.

It had been so long since I actually worked on this that I only had three of the puzzle pieces left to complete the final coordinates. There rest got crushed or disappeared somewhere on my desk.

So while 4wf watched 3 hours of Law and Order reruns, I sat there and only half payed attention while I went back to work on the final part of the puzzle from scratch. I finally got it all together but was too tired to figure out what it all meant. This morning after getting some sleep and doing some research, I was finally able to extract the final needed numbers.

We stopped to grab this one after finding "Safety Not Guaranteed" After bushwacking to the previous cache getting to this one seemed like a walk in the park, although it still did require a bit of bushwacking and boulder hopping. That's a really interesting area back there and 4wf thought it looked like some of the area had been quarried. After inspecting some of the interesting formations and wandering around in circles a bit following my quirky GPS on the challenging terrain, we finally got to ground zero and spotted it after poking around a bit. Signed in, photographed the code, and I grabbed the TB to move since it has been in the cache since April when the last finders were here [:D]

Thanks for the challenging and creative puzzle and fun cache hunt in a neat area [^]

Pen615 found it on April 11, 2015
I solved this puzzle several weeks ago but between the weather and going on vacaction, I didn't get here until today. Spent the day with Turd Herder caching State Game Lands. It was a beautiful day. Once we got to GZ Turd Herders zeroed in on the cache. Left a TB, signed log, and recorded the code. Thanks for the puzzle and the cache.

greenducks found it on January 16, 2015
Out for a cold, January caching blast with Texdoc, *beentheredonethat* and elmh.

This type of puzzle is simply not my forte. I stared at it really, really hard, but nothing came to me. Fortunately, I have a friend who is much more puzzle savvy. Thanks, Friend! He got the coordinates and explained the puzzle to me. As I sat there with a blank look on my face, nodding absently, I realized I was right. Not my forte. But some it made a little sense. Sort of.

Not to worry, his coordinates were good and off we went to find the prize. Lots of GPS bounce in this area, and the recent weather left it rather icy and slick, but we were able to navigate safely. BTDT was the one who actually made the find. She was laughing her head off as I was standing right on top the cache. She could see it; I could not. Of course, even when she told me where it was, I couldn't find it. I looked there! Honest, I did!

Not well enough, apparently. Again, it's a good thing I have friends. Grabbed some TB's to move along on my travels.


* Ranking Bonus: The bonus a finder gets for this cache based on difficulty and terrain in the weighted SPACE scoring; doubled + 0.1 for FTFs
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